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The toils of the self published author and a sheet of cookies to help us get by

And here I am, this time no so long after my last post, huh? Something's picking up? Maybe. Not that the workload has diminished, at all, I'm still up to my elbows in all I can do to get everything going. Still keeping up with social media, which in fact robs me of so much time, but has to be done, right now that is my only means to get an audience and spread word on my work. As I plan on getting a few promos going for my books, I need to spend time advertising them online, and that demands I get working on those graphs before I set the campaigns so I can use them all around! So that's been taking up a bit of my time, and I'm still hoping for the results to start showing - hope is eternal, know what I mean? Another thing that's been eating my time is that one final round of edits on my next release. Avalon Hall has reached the stage of the out-loud read, where I am usually confronted with problems in the flow and sense of the narrative. So far, it's not been t…

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