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Birthing a book - and scones, because they do make things better

Been a while, huh? Hell, it's been forever, might as well say it! Truth is, I did neglect this blog like the terrible blogger I am - there was a time I pretty much blogged everyday, but I feel like blogs are pretty much dying and right now, I have so much more on my hands. Last time I published here was in May, and to be honest, I did think about posting pretty much every week during June and July, but life gets messy, and you have to choose your priorities, in order to not drive yourself wild and scatter yourself all over the place. Mine, lately, have been far more centered in my career as an author than my hobby as a food blogger. And the last three months were really rough, if I'm to be honest.

I April was a month where I happened to thrive - writing a novel in 16 days! - May, June and July haven't been all that productive. After last post, I went back to my fantasy duology about Kings and Princes who want to change the world, but struggled to get back to it. In the me…

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