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La rentrée, lifechanging decisions and sesame seed cookies

And so it is we come to the end of the holidays, the return, la rentrée. September is here, school's about to start, a new cycle feels imminent. I've always loved Septembers. Life has thrown a hell of a lot of shit at me - at us - on this month, year after year, and it still has not killed the magical hold it has in me. It's a month for new beginnings, that come in line with what we have tried to do all year long but perhaps failed, or did not get right. It's a month for closing doors that no longer serve us and open new ones. It's a month for setting out with a new spring to our step, perhaps letting go of what we once believed was right for us but that August, with it's leniency and ease of time, has helped show us isn't really what we want or need. This is a month for fresh starts, yes, but also for closures. At least for me, it has always been this way. As if I go through the entire year just trying to get by and cramming in everything I absolutely can…

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