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Father's day and a baked surprise for a loving, loved father - ham and cheese rolls, courtesy of my son's imagination

Last Sunday was Father's day here in Portugal. I'm guessing it was Father's day in other countries as well, but hey, I live here. Father's day tends to be a little bittersweet, lately. See, I lost my father when I was nineteen. And last year we lost my husband's dad. So it feels a little odd, because although my husband is now a father, he no longer has a dad to call on that particular day and chat away for a while, or drop over at his place for a meal with our kid in tow, as it sometimes happened. But at the same time, he being a father, will get spoiled. Or so the plan goes.

See, our son loves surprising his parents, he loves coming home from school with those handcrafted stuff they make for these special dates and he loves hiding them around the house in places he's sure we will end up bumping into his sweet tokens of love. Just this past Valentine's day, kiddo made a postcard at school and he hid it under my pillow, I didn't find it until I went to…

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