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Edits, re-writes, self doubt and black cassis scones to see me through the day

It's been a very cold month, so far. So cold, I find myself freezing, as I sit at my desk going over endless rounds of edits on a trilogy that has had me going round like crazy for a while. I find myself craving all the hot drinks: every kind of tea, all the hot chocolate, piping hot roasted barley drinks, you name it. I want cosy, I want warm, I want silence and restfulness, so that I can focus my mind and work.

It hasn't been all that easy, to focus. I haven't touched my WIP in a month - give or take, as I did have a strange attack of ze muse midway through December and had to jot down an entire scene that wouldn't leave my mind. I find myself worried I can never go back to it, I've lost my mojo, I've lost touch with those characters and that story. Thankfully, I made sure I have it all stored away, on notebooks, on character sheets, pinterest moodboards, it's all there to help me get back into it, once I'm ready.

That is, once my Arthurian trilogy h…

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