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The dreary days of January - a fruit crumble to add some colour into my dispirited mood

January is always a burst balloon, isn't it? After the Holidays, the excitment of Christmas and NYE, the glorious food, the dolce fare niente, the ease, the calm, the slow living, January strikes you like a right handed punch from a very strong boxeur. Or a kick from a kickboxer. You get my point. It's a long month. It's a cold month. Dreary too. A month that seems to stretch ahead with nothing to look forward to but bleakness. It's a Dickensian month. One that saps joy and energy in equal quantities, but that always looks so beautiful and cosy if you can afford to stay in. Like I do. I tend to get a lot of writing done, in January. Not that it's any good writing - editing will be a pain, later on - because being a bleak month, my writing tends to get bleak too. Over sentimental as well. Focused on stuff that ends up being quite unnecessary.

But I do tend to spend long hours immersed in the writing, listening to particular types of music that do end up bringing ou…

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