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Of self-publishing, self-belief and allwoing yourself to be who you are and do what you want - an unhealthy rice that comforts the soul

Now that Spring is officially here, I bring you a dish that fits Winter, with all its comfort. But that's me, always late for the party, always swimming against the current, always climbing uphill when everyone's already been there. Not groundbreaking enough, or way too ahead of my time? Doesn't matter, this is March, when mornings and evenings are still chilly and a bit of comfort is always welcome, especially when you get to the weekend after a long, tiresome, overworked week. I must have broken some kind of record with this week's writing, because I'm beyond exhausted and my current wip is fast approaching the half mark. Yes, that would be the fantasy series I mentioned on my previous post, this is the third and final volume I'm writing, and I can already see a huge amount of work waiting for when I do revisions and edits. But that'll come in time, seeing I'm not planning on publishing it any time soon, if ever.

See, self-publishing is hard. It take…

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