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A book release, a wedding anniversary and lemon squares - why I was MIA last week

Well, that was a long radio silence, over here, wasn't it? I had planned on posting a new recipe last Friday, but alas!, the best laid plans always seem to slip out of my mind, especially when one is rather busy with an impeding book launch and what not... or a wedding anniversary, on the following day. It's a fact, it completely slipped my mind I wanted to post these cookies last week, because this past Saturday I finally published the final novella on the Blood Trilogy. Which means the darn thing is complete, and out there in the world, for readers to grab and enjoy. It's already landed a few (great) reviews, which has made me very excited, as I do think this trilogy is a bit different from the usual books in its genre. It's quite dark, and at points is a bit obsessive - I had one reader comment that there were repetitve parts on SCARS, which made me happy because I was actually going for it, to impart the sense of obsession, when your thoughts go over and over the …

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