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The Seven Year Itch - Blogversaries, Book Releases and a Portuguese Broa de Milho with Walnuts and Raisins

  On February the eleventh this blog turned seven years old. I know it's been mostly abandoned, lately - there's only so much I can do, and I'm constantly stretching myself thin! - but I do come here for the occasional post. Though I no longer blog as I used to, though I no longer photograph food as I used to, I still try to keep up and have some fun, now adding books to the equation. But the truth is, if four, five years ago I eagerly longed to feel like I belonged to the food blogging community, that need has died. I was very serious about it and worked very hard at it, always to no results - motivation tends to start dying when things turn out to be a constant failure. A shift in mindset was necessary, and that's what ended up happening. My books took precedence - after all, they did give me an income, no matter how meagre it is! - my writing of novels became far more demanding, and frankly, far more satisfying and interesting. There came a point where all I wanted w

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