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The culture of ME, ME, ME and a mix of roast nuts to go with it

I'll keep this short today. The photos did not come off as I expected them - which has been recurrent, lately, I'm starting to think there's something wrong with my camera, because one year ago I was taking much better photos. It's when I transfer the image to my laptop that I can see how terrible the picture is, colour and lightwise, because on camera it looks pretty good. And then, there's no amount of editing to salvage it. This was actually the best I could get, and every single photo has been coming out like this, no matter how much I work with my settings, especially because on camera they look pretty amazing. If there's a problem with the darn thing, I fear it may be the end of this blog, as I cannot afford a new camera. Not that this would be a great loss.

Because, honestly, does any one still read blogs? I know I've stopped reading about 90% of the blogs that just three months ago I still faithfully gobbled. With the excuse that I'll read it l…

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