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Of books that race your pulse and swell your heart - Spinach and cheese soda breads for the win

Very few things make me as happy or give a high as much as writing. One of them happens to be reading. But not just any book. I will read pretty much everything and push through to the end, unless it is so badly written I can't go on or I simply cannot relate to the plot and characters. This last tends to happen with what's commonly denominated as chick-lit (which I find demeaning and disrespectful at best) and rom-coms. Contemporary romance simply doesn't cut it for me, I am not a fan. I'll take classics anytime, give me all the Austens, all the Brontës, give me the passionate and endearing love stories of old, just don't give me modern love in girly books. As for the rest, I'm perfectly happy with Fantasy books in all its subgenres, I'll take Paranormal Romance and swoon if it has vampires, I'll jump in on any thriller or mystery book that finds its way into my hands. Mystery was, and will remain, my first love.

But the truth is, although I will read…

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