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A month that sped by - How to write a novel in sixteen days, fail publishing another, and bake bread rolls to compensate

It's been a while, hasn't it? Last time I posted here was in March, we had just gone into lockdown, I was working on book two in a fantasy duology, and finishing edits on A Darkening Fate prior to publishing it. All stoked for publishing it, actually, as I was falling in love all over again with the story and the characters (especially Artuír and Morganne, I confess). Enter April. The fastest month in the history of the world, it seems to have sped by like a comet, blazing the sky (to kind of paraphrase The Waterboys, though I failed to see the whole of the moon because no balcony and lockdown). I honestly kind of blinked and April was gone, you know? Even though there was a lockdown in place, and you'd think time would stretch to inexorable lenghts, I found that days sped by like lightening, and I was always busy, busy, busy, adapting to a million new things, working with a thousand changes to my domestic and professional life, adjusting to everything being thrown our wa…

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