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Hard work, pay offs and a roast squash soup to warm your soul

How can this be mid-November already?? This year is just flying by, isn't it? I mean, in about six weeks, 2018 will be over, and a new year beginning! How has this happened? It has been a whirlwind kind of year, alright, and I have worked my arse off to the point of exhaustion. Because, in real honesty, I did work quite a lot, this past year. I wrote six books this past year. Actually, when 2018 is over, I will have written, revised, edited, re-written and published twelve books in three years. Twelve. Books. This is no mean feat. It is a lot of work. So why do I always feel like I'm not doing enough? Why do I still feel that this is not adequate? On the one hand, having written this much in only three years, there's bound to be many who consider I'm rushing my work, not spending enough time working on it, not letting it stew long enough, not allowing for proper, correct edits and re-writes, simply rushing things so that I publish and publish and publish. That's w…

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