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A reminder that life does happen and a savoury pancake to make it all better

This past week has been one of getting derailed at every step I take. Sometimes life likes to remind us that it will happen, and throw shit in the fan, whether you like it or not. Being so close to jotting down "the end" on my current WIP, I have been prevented of it all week long. Part of me wanted to get to the weekend and see these past five days behind me, part of me wanted to have more time at hand so I could work a little bit more, strive a little bit more, get things done. I do impose upon myself a rhythm of work that is not always feasible, and when it gets thrown to the wolves, I tend to go down with the deluge. I tend to fall apart a bit. Control freak and what not, you know.

 It was all minor stuff, nothing big, nothing worthy of real importance, but combined, it prevented me of focusing and working. Started with no internet access, no phone all through Monday. I need my access to work, as I am constantly checking facts on line, places, names, historical stuff. A…

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