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World bread day a few days later - I'm never on time!

Last Monday was World Bread Day. I don't post but on Fridays, so I missed that one yet again. And it's a bit silly, seeing that I am a huge advocate for bread, which, for many years, has been considered almost like the source of all evil - much like milk or dairy products. But let's face it, not everyone has a gluten intolerance or an allergy. And you can make breads without the gluten. Bread is not the enemy, much on the contrary. Bread is life saving, life nourishing, life giving. I always say that to me, bread is like blood to a vampire: it is the life. I love bread. I think bread is magical. And home baked bread has a special magic all of its own which is far more enticing and alluring. The scent of it while it's proofing fills the house with promise of what's to come, a momento of joy and wonderment as you watch the dough gently rising to it's glory, knowing all along it will be such a treat, that first peace of crusty, still warm, dripping with butter br…

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