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The sweltering heat and a refreshing ice cream - the end of the school term and Summer holidays

These past few days the heat has been unbearable. I'm not even going to talk about the fires that ripped apart this country, and the horrifying images the media spreads out as birds of prey that they are. The media coverage was actually apalling, journalists these days have a lack of emotion that scares me, a lack of respect for human dignity and the loss of life, a disregard for the pain of those who have lost their loved ones and their homes. It's appaling, and I cannot watch the news for that. But the truth is that the sight of those cars on the road was what hit me the most. Because it did not look nor feel real. It was like some sort of Hollywood scenery, it was like an opening scene for a Stephen King adaptation - Cell comes to mind, along with the The Stand and a few others - it was like a new version of The Walking Dead. Contrived. Unreal. But it has been very, very real.

Everyone deals with these things their own way: some need to find culprits, whatever and whoever …

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