Lately I've been using: Springfield Cosmetics Nail Polish

When it comes to calling out Spring and hoping for sunnier and warmer days, nothing beats this pink hue. It is one of my favourite nail colours ever, and is best known in my family as "old lady pink", a name that appeals to me in ways I cannot describe. I bought about a year ago at Springfield's, it has a very good quality, two layers are quite enough to fully cover my nails and make them pretty, and it lasts for more than three days, which to me is nothing short of a miracle. 

I confess I am hitting the lowest point of endurance with this grey, wet Winter. I long for sunny days, lush greenery around me, trees full of shoots, flowers - despite my allergies! - and warmer temps. Every fibre in me is screaming for pastels - and I do so hate that Easter almond colour thematics!! - for pretty pinks and dusty blues, for light, light buttery yellows and greens that range from pistachio to mint... in this frame of mind, I fear I might go into a store and just buy myself some garment on one of these colours, and then spend Spring just kicking myself for having given in to the Easter almond trend just because I have the Winter blues...


  1. mas que coisa mais mimosa. eu adoro os vernizes springfield, mas só os compro em promoção. acho a qualidade bastante boa!

  2. eu adoro a cor... mas não tenho tido pachorra para pintar as garras lol nem sei porquê! depois começa a rachar e é terrível!

  3. Adoro os vernizes da springfield e essa cor parece ser muito bonita!! :) E essa tua "prateleira" é tão lindinha..

  4. Looks so cute and romantic!

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  6. N sabia q a springfield tinha essa secção. Tenho q espreitar :)

  7. Desconhecia esta seção da Springfield, mas gostei tanto! As fotos top, naturalmente!


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