Bon chic, bon genre

I am such a Spencer (a character from Pretty Little Liars), really. Yet there's always a twist. Nowadays, for my daily wear I confess I much prefer and feel more comfortable in a somewhat preppy-er look than a in "fashionista slave to the trends" do. And this whole outfit is a perfect example of me, who I am on my day to day life. 

There's no escaping the edwardian lady in me, so I have come to the point where I have given up on that. When confronted with a choice between a trendy shirt and a white edwardian blouse, I will always go for the edwardian blouse, in detriment of any other garment. But the blouse is me to a dot, and the a shirt is not. The moment I see myself inside that blouse, I see myself. It is me. And there's no point in denying who we are, we are only going to look like we're making too much of an effort, we'll look like we're pretending to be something we're not. 

A trench coat is a must, but I was never one to enjoy the classic, normal trench. My first one was in light, pale pink. Then I got myself a teal one. After that one I got my hands on a short, blazer like black one with ballooning shoulder details. Now I went for a beige short version, cape like, with faux leather trimmed pockets. Not the regular kind of trench, although I was faced with a classic trench at the same price. But this one I can see myself wearing for quite sometime, as it falls into the category of basic outerwear, and a classic as well. No one ever said a classic could not be whimsical and different at the same time. It's the idea of a trench coat that makes it the classic wardrobe staple, it's the individuality in me that makes me go for trench coats that fall off the norm. And that, my dears, is called style.

So if anyone were to ask me what Spring items I deemed as essential in my wardrobe for the upcoming season, I would definetely name these two. The white blouse paired with these - currently my fave! - boyfriend ripped jeans will make a perfect Spring look, topped off with the trench, a pair of nude oxford shoes and a nude quilted shoulder bag. I can see myself in that look plenty of times - I am not one to have a problem with repeating looks I have fallen for, much on the contrary - and I can see myself wearing that blouse many times as well, with other things. A pair of crisp, black suit pants. A lace skirt. A pencil, high waiste skirt. Black skinny jeans. The trench coat can also be seen accompanying an array of garments currently inside my wardrobe. A pair of robin blue skinnies. A midi black a-line skirt. Red classic trousers. On top of a black dress. The possibilities are endless, because this two pieces are so me. Had I gone for the blue blouse or the more classic trench, I might not be able to pull off as many looks as I will with these. Because they wouldn't be me, and they would be turning me into somebody else, somebody who probably did not wear the same clothes I do... so it all comes down to individuality and style, and mine is this: mixing vintage like pieces with trendy jeans and going for classic garments with a twist.

                             Trench coat: Primark. Edwardian blouse: Zara. Boyfriend jeans: Zara


  1. Girlllllllll encontrei-te. :) espero que esteja Td bem. Fiquei preocupada com o "desaparecimento".

    Like the new blog look ;)

  2. Love the coat, will make a great outfit!

    Kirsten x

  3. nem sei do que gosto mais, se da camisa toda dandy ou se do trench coat!

  4. ola linda!! da ultima vez que aqui estive nao consegui tornar me seguidora :( agora sim, ja vou poder ver as tuas actualizaçoes nos dois blogs nè? :) beijinhos grandes e muito sucesso neste cantinho tambem!

  5. I adore that parka coat!

    Keep in touch on BLOGLOVIN


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  7. Capi molto raffinati, baci Angelichic


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