Green Shoots of Spring

When I was younger I thrived on dark, grey skies, constant rain, lack of sunlight. I dreamt of moving to England where I could have weather like that constantly. I detested strong sunlight, as it rendered me nearly blind, I detested Spring time, as it left me sneezing constantly and with a blocked nose that seemed never to go away, I detested the Summer heatwaves that left me idle and weak. I craved for rain, and hated the sun. I was a vampire, without the fangs or bloodlust. That is something that has changed with time and age. Oh, I still go blind with sunlight, and I still feel faint with heatwaves, and I still suffer from Springtime allergies. But lately I have noticed a change in my energy, and I seem to be unable to draw it from those grey, cloudy skies in the same way I did when I was a young girl. Whenever we get hit by a Winter like this year's, a mild Winter, with temps not being very low, with a constant stream of rain and humidity, a Winter where the skies are clouded over day in, day out, and there's no sunshine for days on end, I start feeling a sap on my energy levels, I get the Winter blues, allright. My body feels drained of will, drained of strenght, everything seems listless and colourless, everyday feels like another dragging of hours that leave me battered and bruised like the skies above me. To counteract this need for sunlight and the advent of Spring - that seems so far away, now that it's less than a month off - I tend to surround myself with pretty pastels, bright and light colours. Green was the chosen hue for today, as it seems to carry a reminder of those early Spring shoots that I crave for so eagerly right now...


  1. São lindas minha querida! E que gosto enorme ver este teu espaço renovado, mais bonito, ainda mais teu! Adorei!

    Um beijinho, Sara ♥
    Little Tiny Pieces of Me

  2. Wow, amazing!!!!

  3. Very interesting this post ;)
    Kisses <3

  4. A penúltima fotografia fez-me lembrar as chávenas fofinhas do filme "A Bela e o Monstro". Mulher manda-me um bocadinho desse sol para cá please! xx

  5. Estas a começar muito fotos estão sensacionais! Adorei o post!


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