Lately I've been using: HM Eyeshadow palette in Nudes

This HM eyeshadow palette had been on my mind for quite sometime, now, ever since I first came across it on the brand's website. After several failed attempts at getting it, it was finally during the sales season that I nailed it. It cost me about 5€, and immediately I set my mind around the fact that quality wise it was not going to be the best thing ever. Coming to terms with it, I was fine with the onset of any results I came across. The thing is, I prefer these hues for my daily make up, and from my previous experience with other palettes I own, these colours are the first to go. On top of that, I had been craving a gold hue, on the pinkish side, soft and discreet, and a light brown with no shimmer at all. Looking at the colours on this palette, there was everything I needed. But quality wise, indeed, it is not the best.

The first colour is a white hue, completely matt, chalk like. When applied on the skin it does not turn into a clownish white, it is rendered discreet, soft, illuminating the area under your brow arch and inner corner of the eye, which is what I use it for. I have other shades of white, with some shimmer and shine, and I alternate between them, but I lacked a white like this one, seeing that the only other white that was matt belonged to an old HM palette I had that has been finished for quite sometime. The second colour I call skintone. It literally resembles my skintone. I use it as a base colour and to unify my eyelids, since I have visible veins in that area. The third colour is a light rosy gold, precisely the hue I wanted, and I'm afraid it is going to be the first to go, come Spring, as I envision myself wearing it a lot. It is my favourite of them all, I confess, and it is also the best one, as it is easy to apply and blend, it holds up nice throught the day, and even though it is a rather discreet hue, it really shines through. The third colour is my least favourite, because it is the worst quality one. The hue is a nice taupe one, an interesting shade - and I so wanted something like it! - but it is really the worse of them all. It is difficult to apply, it is difficult to blend and build up, it always ends up seeming like you can never see it properly. Sometimes I want something lighter for my daily routine, to apply to my crease, running away from the dark brown I usually wear, but sadly, this does not fit the bill. A shame, for its hue is quite sophisticated.  The last colour is the dark brown, a mix of caffe au lait with milk chocolate. It is a warm hue, easy to apply, it can be properly built up to a darker colour, or kept simpler and lighter, but it does smudge a tad, which must mean it begs for a primer, but I have none. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful colour and a quite sophisticated one, reminiscent of Hampton girls, I quite like it and it is a different shade of brown from the other one I already have. All in all, I'm quite satisfied with this palette, and find it's worth its price tag. A good buy. 


  1. adoro! estas fotografias estão mesmo bonitas!

  2. tb uso alguma maquilhagem da H&M, as paletas têm sempre cores maravilhosas, apesar de não serem muito ricas em pigmentos ou não fixarem tão bem como gostaria, mas nada que um primer não resolva. O branco é de facto uma mais valia para fazer um look natural e elegante ou então para destacar e iluminar um look forte. Os rosas são apaixonantes... ;)


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