Un rayon de soleil

When we get to the deep of Winter, and in the face of such Winter as this has been, where the clouds hide sunlight for days, where rain falls non stop, either dripping in the tiniest of drops or drenching us with its cleansig power, I start to get a little annoyed. Lack of sunshine does ail me, and it never did before, but lately I have been feeling the toil of sunless Winters. And when it happens, when we have such weather as we have been gifted with these past weeks, I turn to colour in food as a pick me up. Whether it's in the form of a bright red curry, a turmeric infused rice, or anything citrus. I find that the colour of lemons does wonders for me, as well as oranges, tangerines, mandarins. So I often find myself in the kitchen, stirring pot after pot of citrus curds. It can be a simple lemon curd, or a lemon and orange one, but the best of them, the one that's sure to chase away any winter blues, is a lemon tangerine curd. Can you imagine it spread on a piece of warm toast? It's like sunshine and Summer days in a jar...


  1. Seems so nice!

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  2. quando é fazemos ai uma swap packages de goodies hein? :P


  3. Esta delicioso o post! Estas uma máquina nas fotos! Estou no Ipad e não consigo colocar assentos nalgumas palavras!!!


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