A Deux

For her, for him. Flowers and a sunlight that insists on playing hiding tricks with the morning. A small vacation, or a longer weekend. Late mornings, and the aromatic smell of coffee brewing. Pretty cups waiting to be filled with the dark, bitter, scalding hot liquid. Kissing in bed, a kid climbing up to cozy up besides us. Hugging, laughing and being complete together. A perfect moment, caught in time, and kept in memory. This is the essence of us, this is the essence of love, this binds us together. Life can be complete, in fleeting moments like these. I love you, I love you. And that sweet, tiny voice saying I love you both even more...


  1. Those are the important things, nothing else matters!

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  3. São lindíssimos! adoro as fotos e as chávenas!
    Beijinhos e votos de um março muito feliz!


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