What a wonderful, gorgeous sunny day we had yesterday, and the weather is doing a repeat performance of it today. I really needed some glorious sunlight to recharge my energy levels, which were running rather low, lately. Ever since the year begun I have been sick with minor afflictions that do drag one's energy levels down even more than the lack of sunshine. But yesterday I felt renewed, and after a rather long walk in the morning, to soak in every single bit of sunrays I could capture, as well as the light breeze and the smell of fresh mowed lawn, I came home to a rather spectacular light inside, and felt I had to change my décor a bit, just get rid of my Winter thematics and bring along Spring.

I confess I may have gone a bit too far, by bringing along my Summer pieces, a small collection of seashells, spread inside three jars, that I find make for a good Summer theme along the house once the heat sets in. 

If there's one thing I'm rather particular about, once the weather warms up, is taking walks by the beach. When it's beach season, I always start my mornings at the seaside with a long walk through the sand, scouring for treasures in the form of beautiful seashells, that I then scatter around the house. They're my summertime mementos, and there's nothing quite so heartwarming as looking at a particular shell and find myself immediately transported to that day when I found it, that moment in time full of sea breezes, warm sand beneath my toes, the first splash of cold seawater on my shins, the laughter of my son as he runs and plays, the promise of a long day of dolce fare niente with the people I love the most...


  1. sooo pretty!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  2. adorei os frasquinhos, é uma óptima ideia para decoração de Verão :)

  3. so beautiful idea! :*

  4. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  5. conchinhas! quando era criança coleccionava conchas, búzios... coisas que encontrava na praia. olha que como elementos decorativos até ficam fixes numa casa de praia :p

  6. também adoro conchas e apanhá-las na praia. os teus frasquinhos estão super shabby chic!


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