Home Spa day

Some days I feel the need to pamper myself. I take advantage of those moments when I am home alone, I light some scented candles, I dab a purifying mask on my face, I indulge in a long soak to the sound of some pagan folk, and I just relax. 

I believe it is essential to the well being both of body and of mind of anyone to have time for one's self, to indulge in what one finds as the purest pleasure, be it reading a book, watching back to back episodes of one's favourite show, doing some sort of sports or outdoor activities, or even immersing one's self in the hedonistic acts of vanity, like taking care of one's beaury. This range from Oriflame I have already done a review on it over here and here, so I am referring you all to these, if you care to know more about it. Because right now I am going to turn on the volume on my Omnia CD and I am going to indulge in this act of pure egocentrism that is to care for one's body and soul...


  1. também adoro de ver em quando ter um desses dias! sabe mesmo bem :)

  2. são muito importantes estes momentos, também! que usufruas muito deles!


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