Irish within

Nope, I am not Irish. Nor do I live in Ireland or have any specific reason to celebrate St. Patrick's - and yes, I am aware it was yesterday, but hey, there's a bit of a lag here!! - but yet I do. I don't know why, nor am I going to explain my love affair with Irish culture, songs and dance (you can read it all here, written last year on my other blog), but every March 17th I tend to cook some sort of Irish inspired meal and it always features a soda bread. I'm a bread lover, I confess, I could live off bread ever and ever, and a good, crusty, warm out of the oven soda bread does it for me. It is quite an easy bread to make at home, no kneeding needed, in fact it is kind of forbidden! and you also get to make your own buttermilk, which is kind of funny because it is so smelly. I usually do it with milk, but this time we decided to try sour cream for the buttermilk, and I have to confess that it has given a whole new density and fluffiness to this bread. And of course, as a dotting mother that I am, I could not resist showing you my son's first ever attempt at making his own bread: the small one was made by him from scatch!!


  1. parabéns, à mommy e ao filhote, que são uns prendados! estão com um aspeto divinal e podia bem enfardar já um inteirinho!!!
    beijinhos e boa semana

  2. uauu que padeirozinho :) tão bom! Eu fazia pão com o meu avô. O teu ficou lindo!!!

  3. Descobri agora o teu blog e fiquei in love!! Adoro os posts, o design, tudo!! Continua com o bom trabalho :)

  4. Yamy!
    Could you shar ethe recipe, please?
    I'm also a bread lover!

  5. Great post, I love these perfect pics!
    kiss Giulia

  6. Óptimo aspecto! :)

    Beijinho *

  7. ai que bom aspeto, eu sou maluca por pão, consigo comer uns três seguidos se for preciso.
    eu por acaso não ligo nada ao St Patricks, passa-me ao lado!

  8. Yummy! Também tenho uma pancada por pão,nossa!
    (andava à procura do teu blog!)


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