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This is a product that, as far as I know it is only sold in Portugal. It is from a portuguese brand. I started using this one week ago, and am almost through with the pot. It is a slimming gel, that acts upon cellulitis which is already deeply ingrained in the skin. How does it work? It heats the skin. And when I say it heats, I really mean it. The first time I used it, my skin was burning up. It is supposed to do this, so don't get scared when it happens, the first time really burns. And it also gets the skin really red, as if you went to the beach with no sunscreen and just soaked i the sun the whole day. You get really red, everytime. The heating does subside with the use, it's like the skin starts to get used to the gel and it doesn't burn as much as the first time anymore. But I have to admit I really like this kind of product. I hate using moisturiser throughout the year on my skin, I just don't have the patience for it, but when it comes to these anti cellulitis creams and gels... I'm a sucker for them, and I'm always wanting to try out what's new in this area, as long as I can afford to. Well, this gel costs about 12€, so it was well within my budget. Does it work? Does it slim the body contour, does it efface the visible marks? As for the last one, I must say it does render some effects. Skin looks more even, and it looks smoother. It feels really soft to the touch, after a week of using this everyday. As for the slimming part, I can't honestly say, because I forgot to measure myself before I started using the gel. I do feel that it has done something, because I can feel it in my clothes, I can feel them looser, but as I mentioned yesterday, I also took up long walks every morning, I'm on a veggie binge - when I cannot eat if it is not a vegetable, I often get this where the mere sight of rice, or pasta, makes me nauseous. - so any slimming I might have achieved, might come from any of these factors. All in all, I like this gel, I sense the reduction of the cellulitis, and I am thinking I will either be being another pot or going for another product from this range, as they also have a serum at approximately the same price. I must add that I bought this product out of my own pocket, I wasn't offered anything in exchange of this review, this is my personal view, as it always has been on this blog: I don't get any sponsorings nor do I receive any products from any brands to be featured on this blog. I either buy them, or get lucky and nice people send me as gifts.


  1. Olha nem sabia que se vendia, mas a My label segundo consta é da Nivea ou da Dove (não me recroda bem) e os produtos não são nada maus...

    1. Pensava que era do Continente, juro!!!

    2. É a marca própria do Continente.
      Mas o Continente não fabrica, compra a alguma fábrica!

  2. Eu tenho tido muito boas experiêcias com os podutos da My Label.
    Este não conhecia mas o efeito calor agrada-me!
    Prefiro de longe a outros adelgacantes de efeito frio intenso!
    Olha que sou menina para experimentar este!

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  4. tenho de ir dar uma espreitadela a este! thanks for the review hun!


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