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After being offered this goodies by Sara Levy, I immediately wanted to try them all out and see how my skin and hair agreed with them. I decided to start by the hair care, as I had also recently spoken to my sister about this product, and she had only great things to say about it.

So, the Baptiste Dry Shampoo. I usually wash my hair twice a week, one time during the weekend, and the other in the middle of the week. When I got this pack, it was past the middle of the week and I hadn't washed my hair for five days - I know, you're all looking disgusted at this but the fact is that our hair needs its natural oils to keep healthy, so once in a while I like to go a week without washing it so it soaks up the oils - and decided to try this. It did get the roots a little dryer, as they were by then feeling really oily, but it did not prevent me from having to wear my hair on a ponytail, only to wash it the day after. Speaking to my sister about this, she told me I had been too long without washing and it only works if I use it on the precise day I should wash my hair. So the second time round I did just that, and I really managed to pull it off, I could go another day without washing my hair and not look like I had fallen into a pan of olive oil. It does take away the shine off the hair, especially on the roots area, it does get the hair looking slightly ashy, but it is quite minor, so, for an emergency, this is a life savior. I recommend it, though I'm a washing hair freak.

This was the second thing I tried, and I was really excited about this product, as I have read all over the web people raving about it. The first thing that struck me in a very good way was the mentholated smell of it, and how fresh it felt on the lips. I dabbed it on and went for a morning walk by the seaside on a very windy morning. When I got home later that day, my lip had split. "Well, that's a mighty coincidence." I thought, but a coincidence I named it. I had to resort to my emergency product for dry and chapped lips, my Vaseline petroleum jelly. After my lip had regenerated, I tried the Carmex again, and half an hour after applying it, there it was, I could feel my lip starting to split. Back I went to my Vaseline, thinking I hadn't allowed the lip to properly heal, so I took it a while longer without trying the Carmex, and when I finally was certain I had no split on my lips, I dabbed it on again. By the end of the day, my lip had indeed split, and this time it was so bad it drew blood. No way I could deny it any longer: Carmex was making the skin on my lips split. I had to give up on it, something in it's composition does not agree with my skin. My sister told me that the same had happened with her daughter, my niece - I call her mini me because we have way too much in common - so it is kind of genetic, huh? Still, I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and the mentholated quality of the Carmex is truly a treat when its fumes get up my nose, making me able to breathe again. So I confess I have been dabbing a bit of it on my nostrils every now and then, to clear up my nose. It's the only way to use it for me.

Now, this one is heaven on a tube. I love me some hand cream, and am kind of addicted to it, going through a tube in less than a month, as I am constantly applying it, and I do not have dry skin!! I knew this was a great hand cream the moment my husband - who is a teacher at a school that still uses chalk, and therefor gets his hands very dry and chapped - use a bit of it and said out loud that this was working immediately. The smell of it is scrumptious, making me want to eat the whole tube, the colour of the package is sweet and girly and feminine, and the product inside is easily the best I have ever tried. It is immediately absorbed by the skin, leaves the hands feeling smooth but dry, not greasy as most hand creams do, and it works wonders. I highly recommend this one.
So all that's left for me to do is to thank Sara her sweetness once again, and I am really glad I could get to try these products, as I was really curious about them.


  1. Awww o nome Hand Food é fofo! lol
    Também tenho dry shampoos de outras marcas e, para mim, o efeito nunca é muito duradouro. Bah!

  2. ai o meu adorado carmex ... é que não há melhor!

  3. Ler sobre este assunto na realidade foi ótimo pra mim.
    Poder adquirir esta informação me ajudará em muito.
    E sou grato por você ter deixado esta informação. Muito Obrigado.


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