Matin de Dimanche

I firmly believe that Sunday mornings are made to sleep in. Or at least to stay on in bed, for a little longer than one usually does on the other days. Sundays are those lazy days that are made for rest, or love, or both. Whatever the season, a Sunday morning in bed feels refreshing and energizing, sets our bodies and spirits for the upcoming week.

On a dark, cloudy sunday, one of those when you can hear the howling of the window outside, it is especially heartwarming to be able to just cozy up underneath the duvet, with a cup of joe and a fashion mag, and just wile away those early morning hours. It is so good to know you won't be in a hurry to get everyone ready and out of the house, it is so good to know there is nothing much pressing to be done, and all there really need to be tackled, can be done so leisurely...

Ever since becoming a mother, my Sunday lazy morning lie ins have been scarce and far between. It doesn't mean I don't feel compensated for it, time spent with my son is akin to an adventure, watching him grow and mature before my eyes, marvel with each new discovery he makes, and those quite excited Sunday morning conversations when the weather's good enough to go to the park do make up for any lack of bed laziness I might suffer from. But I won't deny that some days it is reaaally good to just be able to lie there, and do nothing at all.


  1. adoro estas fotos, principalmente a primeira!

    1. Nance maria, isso vindo de ti é tipo o elogio do ano, até corei!!

  2. for me sunday's are the laziest ones all the time specially if the weather is bad :)

  3. ai mulher que tens loiça tão gira *inveja*
    gostei muito da segunda foto, está perfeita :)

  4. oh I love lazy sundays but as you I tend to spend my spare time with my son!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. ah as manhãs de domingo...há lá nada melhor! as fotos estão muito bonitas.
    votos de uma boa semana igualmente deliciosa!!! ;)

  6. Mas que fotos lindas! Domingos de Inverno são bons em casa, e a manhã na caminha sim, mas no Verão....Sabe bem saltar da cama logo logo : )


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