Matin de Dimanche

I must confess that, even though I am always complaining about unimportant issues - because I tend to tackle those important things that really matter, instead of whining about them, and never talk about really bad stuff that happens to me - I know deep down inside I am a very privileged person. The fact that I can afford to be a stay at home mum in this economy, in this country, and in the type of society where a woman making the kind of choices I did is paramount to a prostitute, in what one ends up having to deal with, what with other people's prejudices, makes me really privileged. No, my husband is not a CEO on a major company, he is a mere teacher, but the fact that I chose to be content with less of the material world in order to be a homemaker, makes me privileged in my eyes. Because there might be a ton of other women who would really love to make the choices I made, and cannot afford to. I am also very privileged with my living arrangements, I get to live in a place that is so beautiful, a hand's throw from the seaside, from gorgeous parks, wonderful beaches...

But I have to confess that I take this sceneray very much for granted, and I don't do it proper justice all that often. Last week, when the weather was quite nice and balmy, with sunny skies and light breezes, I took up morning walks by the sea, and they were doing me a world of good. I even took advantage of a proper Spring Sunday morning to pick up my son and take him on one of his fave activities: the beach!


  1. aquela loja de doces era uma banca na rua, junto ao Metropol Parasol^^
    nunca vou ver o mar mas o facto é que quando estou fora ou no interior, sinto-me estranha por não haver brisa oceânica ahah

  2. Such beautiful pictures!

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  3. Beautiful photo's, it looks stunning!

  4. realmente, com cenários lindos assim, cheios de inspiração e uma família adorável e unida como a tua podes mesmo considerar-te uma lucky girl, babe!



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