Petite gâterie

I don't really indulge in sweet treats, as I am more of savoury taste kind of person, but there are days when I really crave a slice of cake and a glass of milk, reminiscent of Summer days playing outside and just popping home for five minutes to take some nourishment and then run off again and play some more.

Those were the days that seemed neverending, filled to the brim with adventure and sunshine, pigtails flying in the wind as you ran, a skipping rope trailing off behind you, the sound of laughter and birds and the hum of cicadas and high grass that you ventured through to get to the best spot on top of that good branch on the old tree, so you could look out all around you and see the world as if you were kings and queens... and smiling knowingly, perfectly aware that even if you fell down and scraped your knee, well, there would always be cake!


  1. tem cá um aspeto! parece mesmo fofinho

  2. há lá nada melhor!!!!! o bolo está divinal, mesmo como eu gosto!


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