Promenade matinale

This day marks the official beggining of Spring. But as far as I am concerned, springtime has been around for the past couple of weeks. After a Winter that, even though it was not cold, was dreary, and wet, everyday a rainy day, with overcast skies, the last two weeks of the season have given us a much needed respite and a promise of renewal in the form of bright blue skies, sunshine and lush greenery. I have been wearing light layers and bright colours on a daily basis, and feeling fine for it.

My new sneakers haven't left my feet, tired as I was of boots and wellies, and as I have not been able to stop myself from just going outside and walk for hours every sunny morning, they have proven to be the best company possible for my meanderings. They're pretty comfy, and pretty stylish too.

My pretty blouse seems perfect for a stroll by the sea. Although I am pretty nuts about the edwardian look, I do not want to dress myself as if I am living in those days of yore. I love combining this type of blouses with other kind of garments, like coloured jeans as I did today.

My mint jacket was a necessity, seeing that the early morning air is still a bit crisp, and warmth becomes a must. It has been lying at the back of my wardrobe for too long.

My powder blue skinnies aren't much of a pair of skinnies, these days, as I have lost some body volume ever since I bought them, two years ago, if I am not mistakened. But I cannot deny their comfort factor, and the colour is such an enticing one, making me feel good instantly as I wear them.

All in all, I confess I feel rather well wearing this kind of clothing, I feel stylish yet comfortable, and most of all, unique. Maybe it's all in my head, but as far as I'm concerned, my head is a pretty darn good place, filled with pretty darn good ideas.


  1. I have two jackets just like yours :b one is baby pink and the other is burgundy!

    Blooming Flowers in July.

  2. Ora aqui está algo que usaria no dia a dia... adoro blusas com esse tipo de pormenores. ;)
    Bom fim de semana!!! ****

  3. love the green jacket, so pretty!

  4. Adoro a camisola branca! é tão bonita :)

  5. tudo lindo mesmo, a blusinha então, uma beauty!!


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