Vendredi, 19h30m

When faced with the fait accompli that I should dress up for a dinner party of sorts, my mind's first impulse is a shut down. I have been on a quite hermit like mood all throughout last Winter, and dressing up for dinner parties, or whatever sort of parties has not been number one on my to do list, I have steered clear of any such thing. But sometimes there is nothing better than trying to put some sort of outfit together and it was really the easiest of things, coming up with this look that has my name written all over it and is so me.

I started off with the lace blouse. Since nights are still chilly, I immediately grabbed one of my kimonos, the black silk one with a colourful, flowery lining. I love the vibe these two pieces together give off, as one can see straight away the obvious eduardian influence in the lace blouse and the orientalism trend from the 20's in the kimono.

To pull things together, I did go for the obvious black velvet pants and pointy toe shoes. I mean, velvet is such a lavish, luxe feeling fabric, I always feel like a princess in it. 


  1. e saiste-te muito bem que o coordenado está top! ficaste uma giraça, as if we didn't know it already!!! ;)


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