Vendredi, 19h30m

A simple black top with an embellished collar is quite enough to make a simple outift pop, despite its simplicity. Wearing anything like this is sure to make one feel polished and elegant.

The whole outfit had already been playing in my mind for quite some time, and I have been utterly dying to wear it!

The black patent shoes are my go to shoe as long as they still live. Oh, they have a few years on them, and they do show some signs of intense wear, but hey, I have not yet come across a new pair od black patent shoes that fill my eye like these, so until then, I'm relying on these beauts.

A pair of light weight grey pants, quite wide legged, to me give off a certain je ne sais quoi of quiet, demure elegance, they never fail to get me feeling ominoulsy chic and well, Fisher-like!!

The top is embelished enough to not need accessorizing, but! this jet beaded necklace is something I brought with me from my second trip to London, and it is the type of necklace I have always wanted and never had found in Portugal. It is the flapper-est necklace I have ever seen.

 All in all, this is one of may fave combos, be it for an evening with friends, a more relaxed dinner party, or daily wear.


  1. Very beautiful look.
    I love the simple yet sophisticated top!

  2. adoro os teus achados, és fabulosa a achar preciosidades!

    beijinhos e bom weekend babe

  3. casual e elegante! esse colar encontravas no eBay, às três pancadas^^

  4. ora aí está um conjunto muito digno de ti! adoro a blusa, um excelente achado.

  5. Um óptimo conjunto. e esse top é realmente lindo ... o detalhe em renda <3


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