A rose is a rose is...

I don really know what it is this Spring, what with the weather being so somber, with overcast skies every morning, still all I seem to want to douse myself in is pink accents. Ever since getting the pink nail polishes and the pink lip pencil from HM, I have been on this rollercoaster of rosiness.

I am rather fond of this bright peony like hue of pink, and rosy cheeks have always been my fave, I have never liked those peach coloured blushes that leave me looking like I have brown dirt all over mu face. So pink it is, but I admit I am still in search of the perfect tone of pink...

These earrings were love at first sight, can you believe it? The baby pink in them matches one of the nail polishes, as does the peony pink match both the lip pen and this nail polish, but what really had me was that dusty light blue mixed with the seafoam one. I fell for them the moment I saw them, and it was one of those things I had to have.

I might as well just give in and go on, rose coloured all over...

With my new earrings dangling on my ears...


  1. Beautiful makeup tools!

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  2. Queria dizer que adoro esta nova "aura" dos posts :) pink ou de qualquer outra cor. Sinto verdadeira paixão nas palavras :)

  3. Os brincos são mesmo mesmo lindos! :)

  4. que giros! os brincos então, são uma perdição!


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