I don't do brunch - I don't even pretend to understand brunch! - but I do admit that there are days when a late hour breakfast ends up happening. And when it does, I confess I appreciate indulging in something other than my usual bread and butter...

When that happens, and I have the time and the will to muck about in the kitchen, I often go for freshly pressed orange juice, a coffee, cereals that are high on oats and grains, with some seeds, nuts and dried fruits thrown in, a plain natural homemade yogurt, and a thinly sliced pear or apple drizzled with honey.

This time it was pear, and everything was just so delicious. The problem with this kind of wholesome meal eraly in the morning is that this is just too filling for me, and if it is the first thing I ingest, I end up being rather sick. So a meal such as this has to be had closer to lunch time, and after I have had a glass of milk early in the morning.

Don't ask me why, some people are just strange, like me!


  1. detesto leito! só consigo beber sumo ou café/chá com o brunch ou brekkie. esse tá com um ar muito gourmet ahah gostei! e sim, o Mads tem ali qualquer coisa que... valha-me santíssima trindade...!

  2. Que imagens lindas minha querida! E a loiça, os detalhes do copo pirogravado, tudo tão mimoso que parece saído de um postal antigo. Tal e qual como eu gosto!

    Uma boa Pásco, muito docinha junto de quem mais amas! Tudo de bom, pois tu mereces!

    Um beijinho, Sara ♥
    Little Tiny Pieces of Me

  3. está tudo tão lindo, babe! ficou mesmo fancy este teu adorável post!


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