Le temps des fraises

Early Spring marks the begining of what I call strawberry season. I adore strawberries, their tart, tangy first taste, the sweetness on the second bite, its juicy consistency, it's colour. A colour that is quite difficult to obtain, as there is - like the Ferrari red - a very specific strawberry red, and I have yet to come across a perfect rendering of this hue outside of a... well, outside of a strawberry, actually!!

I have been consistently storing up in strawberries, these last weeks, eating them raw, fresh out of the tap, or using them for cakes, cocktails, juices, milkshakes. It is a fruit that really goes a long way, and one can do so much with it, so to me it's quite worth the money!! This week I will share with you a few of my favourite ways for using strawberries, starting with these, luscious and ripe, ready for the eating!


  1. yummm tenho comido morangos diariamente! belo antioxidante ahah é uma fruta sexy! e essa do Ferrari red foi das melhores descrições de cor que já li ahah

  2. Das minhas frutas favoritas. Quando fresquinhos como todos os dias...os mais maduros uso para sobremesas, doces etc..ou congelo :) always Nice to have around

  3. que ricos morangos e que lindas fotos! cá em casa também já não falham!


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