Memoires d'enfance

I have this memory of when I was a kid, about 6 or 7 years old, it was Summer time and my mother took me and my sister to the beach - we lived quite close to it - along with a neighbour and her two daughters. I don't recollect much of that day, it's all a haze of splashing in the water, playing with the sand, being under the sun and feeling carefree, something that was rare and precious to me. What I do remember quite well was feeling ravenous mid morning and being allowed a snack of plain yogurt with biscuits in it, a kind of biscuit that I believe is indigenous to Portugal and Spain only, the Maria cookie. 

It was a treat, having a Maria to break up and mix with the natural yogurt, and it was one of my favourite snacks all through my infancy.

 Recently, as we had cooked up some homemade yogurts, I decided to indulge in this long gone treat, so I broke up some Marias, I got me some honey and I was transported to a sunny Summer morning at the beach, immediately.


  1. Não tenho essas memórias mas consigo perfeitamente compreender o prazer dessa combinação. :)))

  2. Ahaha a bolacha Maria!
    Bué pessoal fazia papas com isso!

  3. e se tu não imaginasses vikings é que eu me admirava!!!

  4. Eu ainda como bolachas Maria no leite com café ^^'

  5. ainda hoje gosto de bolachas Maria! tu e os vikings, naturalmente, como não poderia deixar de ser! ahahhahaa és o máximo!


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