Pain au noix de coco et fraises

Another treat using strawberries! This time in the form of a dense, but moist cake, all summery and reminiscent of exotic islands, due to the coconut. It is that good, trust me, and rather filling, so a small, thin slice is all you'll manage, which is good on the figure, as well.

I pinched the basic coconut bread recipe from Olivia, and tweaked it a little by using crushed strawberries that I added to the batter at the very last moment. Then, after I had poured it into the baking tin, I sliced some ripe strawberries and doused them on top, just pushing down gently - I did not want them to be drowned inside the cake batter, rather to be just on the surface.

The result was this scrumptious divine thing, with slow melting sweet strawberries on top, full of colour and tropicalness!! Give it a try, go on, you won't be sorry.


  1. Omg! Parece ser tão bom!!!

  2. ai que bom... morango + côco é das melhores combos de sempre!

  3. ai que eu não posso ver estas coisas! manda para aqui uma fatia!

  4. oh my god babe! que lindo!! já comia meio bolo!!!!!!!!!


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