Red lippy kinda day

I'm very old fashioned when it comes to jotting down dates and appointments. My husband uses his mobile for this, I cannot. I must have a Diary, a paper one, where I can right down the anniversaries, the birthdays, the doctor's appointments, and whatever catches my fancy. And the smaller the diary, the better.

And a daily necessity for me, a pair of sunglasses. I suffer from severe intolerance to sunlight in my eyes, so even when the day seems gloomy enough and overcast, I must resort to a pair of sunnies so I can go around outside without feeling as blind as a bat - added that I do not have a sonar ingrained, like they do!!

On a day like today, where I am running around doing errands, I need to take some minutes to check up on my to do lists, and make sure I have my birthdates all clear in my head, since the birthday season for my family is just about to start!! These days where I scatter myself thin call for a pop of red lipstick, to make me feel energized.

And in order to keep myself hydrated at all times, nothing like a bottle of fresh water, infused with citrus peel. It is quite refreshing, and tasty. This pretty jar is really sweet and gorgeous, but to carry around all day it has got to be the worst thing ever. I tried it outside, but I believe I will keep it for indoor use, only...


  1. sou tal e qual: tenho que ter uma agenda física para apontar as minhas coisinhas e tenho que ter sempre óculos de sol à mão, caso contrário nem consigo sair à rua. também tinha um frasco igual mas o sacana partiu-se, fiquei lixada!

  2. já somos duas! adorei esta composição cheia de estilo!


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