Fleuri de Printemps

Spring is the season for flowers, par excellence. I suffer from springtime allergies, so natural flowers are quite rare in my household, although I might confess I am not averse to being offered the occasional bouquet of marigolds or daisies, or carnations, a flower I really love. But I stick to the buds in the form of earrings, for the time being.

Their slightly fuschia tonality seems to go so well with a light pink nail polish and a bubblegum pink lippy! Nothing does beat some bright pinks for Spring, I say.

Spring calls for a pop of colour but also for sweetness, tenderness in the form of pastels, of Easter like hues, that bring to mind the renovation of life's cycle, new begginings, rebirths. Spring is a time of reawakening, starting over, coming out of Winter's slumbers, the shedding of the heavy layers that protected us from the harshness of the prior weather, like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. And that calls for cheery colours, and soft tones.


  1. Love this color i'm real!
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  2. As fotos estão lindíssimas. Adoro estes tons de rosa... soam sempre a boas recordações primaveris.

    Beijocas grande e boa semana!!

  3. os brincos são adoráveis, muito spring-like. e esse verniz rosinha parece bem mimoso!

  4. adorei as fotos e as tuas preciosidades - lindas, femininas e muito classy. Olha, como tu!
    beijinhos e boa semana


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