Strawberry cocktail

LIke I mentioned earlier on this week, I wanted to share some of the ways I use my strawberries. The first thing I tried was making us a refreshing strawberry cocktail - that can so easily be turned into a mocktail!! - that was just the right amount of sweet.

It is the easiest thing to do, trust me. You just pick a good bunch of strawberries - I'm dreadful with quantities, I give you that - puree them, add a good splash of wild berries liqueur, depending on how spiked you like your drink, or just omit the liqueur for an alcohol free beverage that is still sweet and refreshing, pour it all in a big pitcher and top it off with chilled soda pop. Serve immediately. It is a delicious drink, creamy and refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness, and it will leave you feeling all summery inside!


  1. era mesmo esta receita que precisava para usar o resto dos morangos cá de casa x)

  2. ora aqui está uma bela receita para eu experimentar! estragas-nos com mimos!!!!


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