Even though the sky is overcast, and sadly, the temps came down a bit since yesterday, I have gone for a look today that is tender and light.

I love this shade of pink in me, it is quite pale and most people would advise me against wearing such a subdued hue against a skin that is also rather on the pale side, but alas! I really like the way the two combine. I also liked seeing the necklace here, even though it is nearly the same colour as the camisole.

To keep everything bright, I went for a pair of white skinny jeans, as they're lightweight and fresh, making me feel that Spring has indeed sprung. The nude handbag goes perfectly well with the blush camisole and the necklace.

And pairs up nicely with the nude peep toes. Yes, sometimes I do enjoy pairing my handbag with my shoes, I'm old fashioned like that.

So, in the end I'm quite matchy matchy, even though I have a pet peeve with that, but I put on a mint blouson on top of it all, juts to break things up a little. Because I'm such a rebel, you know?


  1. Que conjunto tão bonito e primaveril :) Adoro os detalhes em renda da tshirt !

  2. tem mesmo ar de primavera - adoro as cores suaves e o coordenado total está giríssimo!
    beijinho querida e boa semana!


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