Tidbits of a rainy weekend

I have said it before, and will repeat. On Sundays, we bake. We cook, we spend our time in the kitchen, especially it it is a rainy Sunday like it was this last weekend. On Saturday we tackled the pantry monster - my pantry was a mess, we tend to throw everything we're not sure of what to do in there - and cleared it up and cleaned it up. It's now looking like one of those fancy pantries in those home design blogs I admire from a safe distance, as I will never be as focused as those girls are in having a house that looks right out of the pages of a magazine! But seeing that Sunday was a lousy day as well, and on request of the shorter member of the family, it was off to the kitchen all afternoon to cook some goodies.

Soda breads are a must here, because they're so easy to make, and they last a long time. Plus, I do love the flavour of a good soda bread.

A citrus curd is also something I tend to do quite often, it is also quite the easy thing, and so tasty!! Dab it on a hot toast, you'll have heaven and sunshine on a rainy morning.

The moment I let go of my fears of making humus and actually did one, I was hooked. If you have never made your own humus, if you have never tasted it, you're missing out. My husband hates chickpeas, and yet, he gobbled a whole pot of this. It is heavenly. I also baked a citrus polenta cake, and count on sharing the pics with you all later this week. I am actually quite proud of that cake. And I am actually quite pleased with this past weekend, it was a treat!! Even if we spent the whole Sunday stuck at home.


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