Au - delà du Tage II

The second leg of our day trip took us to Estremoz, where my mother in law lives. I love that first view of the city, as you are greeted by a vineyard the moment you turn to enter the city limits, and at this time of the year, it is all lush greens and sunny spots, surrounded by a field of fiery red poppies taht nake the heart sing with their colour! After picking my mother in law, we headed off as usual to Borba, where you can buy at the winery some of the best wines that are produced in Portugal, and where you have an array of traditional restaurants serving good ole' fashioned portuguese food from that region, with local produce, local breads, local cheeses - to die for. TO. DIE. FOR!

These are the Borba walls, we had our lunch in a restaurant close by, where they were serving a "Sopa de Cação" that was beyond delicious!!

This is already in Estremoz, one of the doorways into the castle walls. I found this one quite attractive, as the had all the stone causeway still present and that wooden bridge was just so medieval I couldn't resist. It was as if I was entering Camelot, actually!

Another farm, this one on the way back to Lisbon. It was a field of light violet coloured flowers, intersperced with green grass and some fuchsia buds. The colours were so ravishing I couldn't resist taking some pictures!!

And as we neared Pegões - where we had already stopped on the way to Estremoz, to buy some Nucho de Pegões, which is a liqueur wine, the best in the world - after a light dinner at Vendas Novas, partaking of their amazing "bifanas", we were greeted with the most spectacular sunset ever! I hope I have managed to bring you along on what was a really great day, and also hope I got you curious about these places, curious enough to get you to visit them for yourselves!


  1. love!!!

  2. realmente, o nosso país tem cenários encantadores! adorei a reportagem fotográgica e desejo sinceramente que possas usufruir muitas vezes de escpadinhas assim!


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