Au-delà du Tage

Last weekend we took off on a road trip to Alentejo, which I consider to be particularly beautiful at this time of the year. We somehow managed to leave our house quite early in the morning, which allowed us some leverage to visit spots we had been talking about visiting for years now, never quite getting to do it, pressed for time as we are on most trips. I'm a firm believer that, even though I love words and they are my main communication medium, sometimes images are worth millions of thousands of them, so please, do enjoy these pictures, and may I succeed in taking you all along on our trip. The scenery is breathtaking, and the photos are plenty, so this will be the first post, as one is to follow tomorrow with the second half of the trip.

This kind of lake belongs to some farm that we always pass on the road. For years I have been yearning to photograph it, and this time I did.

On the way to the Barragem do Divor we passed yet another farm, with goats. I couldn't resist them, I adore goats.

We finally made it to the Barragem do Divor, and let me tell you that it is just idyllic! I had never been there, and was compeltely flabbergasted by the scenery, the lush vegetation, the blue of the waters... if it weren't for my insane fear of insects - verging on hysteria - I would have stayed there even longer, but as it was, we were really getting a bit pressed for time! I took a lot more pictures there, of my hubby and our boy, but those I'll just keep for our eyes to watch, I'm that selfish! Tomorrow I will bring you the second leg of this trip, so be sure to head back over here for another load of magical views and even an astounding sunset!!


  1. Cenários lindas e fotos fantásticas!

  2. pelo menos no campo não há baratas! adorei a primeira foto :)

  3. a minha mãe está sempre a chatear o pessoal cá em casa - ós anos! - para irmos ao Alentejo. A primeira foto está demais, agora também quero ir fotografar :)

  4. tão bom :) viagenzinha em família. Nunca vou ao Alentejo, parvoíce!

    1. quando fores vai á herdade de Cortes de Cima. E rouba uma garrafa de cada um dos vinhos que lá produzem!!! Não me patrocinam - mas bem q podiam - nem me pagam, e no entanto têm os melhores vinhos de Portugal, para o meu palato.

  5. eu amo o Alentejo e as tuas fotos estão lindas de morrer!


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