Déjeneur léger

I love salads, I think it's no big newsflash I'm giving you right. And I love trying out new flavours and new veggies on my salads.

LIke these. Chilli, I have only tried the piri piri type, this elongated one is news to me. Go on, you may laugh. The black carrot, which has been the stuff my dreams are made of for such a long time, you cannot imagine how long I have been craving to taste black carrots. The Chioggia beetroot is another longed for vegetable, this is that beetroot that looks like candy cane inside. And the Kumato tomato. Also a long awaited addiction to my tastebuds.

When veggies look like these, it almost feels like a crime to eat them, instead of snapping photo after photo of them, doesn't it? They made the basis of a very simple salad.

I chopped everything up, added some Raf tomatoes, some lettuce and some mozzarella, dressed it up in cider vinegar, salt and olive oil, and there you go, such a tasty treat for a light lunch!!

If you serve it with some grilled salmon, you'll be hitting all the right spots, healthwise. Salmon is very rich on Omega 3 oils, and we all know by now how benefitial these are for us. By simply grilling the fish, making sure you get the skin side down first, and don't flip it before it is quite crunchy, you're sure to enjoy it without having altered its taste. Dress it up with some fennel leaves, some chilli, and sea salt, it's all it really needs!


  1. Such a beautifl recipe! Thank you! :D

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  2. que rica receita - adoro salmão, ando a tentar comer mais saladas porque estou um pote e as tuas sugestões são fantásticas e têm uma apresentação betsial!


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