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Let me introduce you to Garnier's Miracle Skin Cream. Never in my life have I found a name that fit the product best. And by this I mean this is truly miraculous. Now, let me start by pointing out that I detest Garnier. I loathe this brand, not because of the quality of their products - which, frankly, is not that good and it's not that bad either, I was loyal to their BB Cream for years, until the anti wrinkle one became orange on my skin - but mostly because of their social media marketing in Portugal. It sucks, I'm sorry to say, and there was even one time where the person behind their Facebook page was downright rude to me and some others who dared complain about some of their policies on that facebook page. This is just to clear out that all I'm about to say comes from a genuine opinion. I bought these products. I'm not gonna lie about it, when I first started getting a whiff of a rumour that these were about to come out in the portuguese market, I tried my best in everyway possible (through samples, Youzznet, you name it) to get my hands on these. Alas, I failed. So I had to resort to that awful way of experimenting a new product: I had to buy it!!! Oh the woe, the shame, I'm a blogger and I had to stoop down to buying a product so I could try it!!! But I confess I did take advantage of a pretty good promotion at my local supermarket, where I brought home these two, and got another one for free, and I shall do a review on that one pretty soon too, but now for these:
The cream is called Skin Miracle, and it is not by chance. It promises to minimize your wrinkles and expression lines, spruce up your skin luminosity, close your pores, add definition to the grain of your skin and make it tighter looking, and get rid of dark spots. Now, I have a few dark spots on my upper cheeks, just below my eyes. I got them after having been pregnant, and all they have seemed to do in the past 5 years is grow, the godarn things!! There are a few that could be mistaken with freckles - not really, but hey - if you're drunk enough, and I confess that these really annoyed me, much more than the lack of fermeté, the huge pores, the lines in my eyes. So I wanted to try this cream and see if it was worth it. The first time I dabbed it on my face, I instantly saw my skin luminosity grow. Really. IN that respect, the cream is wonderful. Later that day, when I took off my make up, I noticed with wide open eyes and mouth that the spots beneath my eyes had become somewhat lighter!! On the second day, they were even less noticeable, and a week from the first try out, they are looking very good indeed, as they are nearly gone. As for the skin tightening, I do sense some improvement, but it's not as good as with the dark spots. The pores are not looking so big, the wrinkles around my eyes I see no improvement whatsoever, but the skin luminosity is sky high. Sky high. My skin looks glowy after I put some cream on, in a very discreet way, mind me. You look at it and it seems like a fresh faced person looking back at you, the skin looks rested and younger. And at night, after taking my make up off, I notice that my fully cleaned up and fresh washed skin looks less yellowy and whiter. Milky whiter, like it used to be when I was about ten. So, if I say this cream really deserves its name, trust me on this one: it does. For the first time I have tried on a cream that I do see results quite so early on, and it does not make my skin break up in rashes. I just hope these results last, and that my skin does not get used to this cream too soon, as I am really enjoying it!


  1. epá também quero usar esse creme! devido a excessos, desidratação e cansaço, dou por mim com olheiras, pele seca e poros no nariz... será que esse seria uma boa escolha? quanto custa e onde se compra?

  2. Vou ter que experimentar isso! Levo as tuas opiniões muito a sério, és brutally honest e esta é uma review e pêras!

  3. Tenho-os mas uso como base e anti cernes! Não os uso como cremes normais! E tu agora dizes-me q te fazem milagres! OMGGG

    1. mas tu lá precisas de milagres, com essa pele de porcelana??? Bom, juro que as minhas manchas esbateram e muito!!

  4. bloddy hell, feck!!!! agor que ainda me puseste mais com o bicho pra comprar E NAO HA NO SUPERMERCADO?hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  5. se fazem milagres, precisam-se mesmo por aqui! bem preciso de uma creme eficaz contra as manchas e se for baratinho, então, nem se fala mais disso! adoro as tuas reviews! contratem esta miúda e paguem-lhe muito bem!!!!!!!!!!!


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