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Remember this post? I mentioned that I had brought home those two products in a promotion where I could get one more for free. Well, this was the one I brought home for free, the Micellar Cleansing Water. Now, let's get one thing straight, I'm a face wipes kinda girl - ok, middle aged woman, I know, I shouldn't be calling myself a girl anymore!! - despite my sister's screams in my ear that I am going to ruin my skin if I keep using those. But contrary to what ya'll may think, I DO know my skin quite well, I DO know what works in it and what doesn't. My sister currently uses some sort of oil to get her make up off. I cannot. Anything but wipes will make my skin break up in rashes and get disgusting. Now, I'm one of those mad ladies who dislikes having rashes in my skin and looking disgusting, call me crazy! So a few years back, when I found out that cleansing wipes worked so well with me I was sold, and have been using them for quite a while, faithfully. After getting rid of all the muck with a wipe, I normally just go ahead and wash my face with cold water and glycerin soap. Like I said, I know my skin, by now, I know what it likes and what it works, and getting that last wash with glycerin soap is essential. When I first heard about the Micellar waters I was curious, and after a dab with some brands that shall not be named now that gave me a rash, I brought this one home due to the afore mentioned promotion, and was quite curious with the statement that it does not require the use of water, after you have taken off your make up with his product. Uh huh... let's get this by parts, shall we?
  • You're supposed to pour some of this water in a cotton pad and gently wipe your skin until the pad comes off clean - this means you have to keep changing pads and using more and more of the product. A cleansing wipe requires the use of one and one only.
  • You're supposed to be very gentle and not rub your face with the cotton pad immersed in water. Try using gel eyeliner and the mascara I am currently favouring (review to come soon) and you'll see how long it takes you to gently clean away all that shit. Again, a cleansing wipe wipes it all away in a stroke.
  • You're supposed to not need to wash your face with soap and water after you have cleansed your make up off of your skin with this product - and by now you have already gone through half a bottle just to get rid of the make up in your eyes, remember! Well, and you do not have to wash your face, really, if you enjoy having sticky skin, if you enjoy the grubby feel of accumulated products on your skin... I don't, sorry. So I do still have to go and wash my face with me cold water and me glycerin soap...
All in all, I would not recommend this product if it weren't for the fact that I do notice that, in combination with the Skin Miracle Cream, my skin looks indeed smoother and more luminous, and whiter. It's not too expensive (about 5,5€ I believe, but I could not find it on the store so I could check the price. There are micellar waters from other brands, a bit on the higher end mark that are cheaper than this, so I'm not really sure if this is the correct price.) but it does not beat the cleansing face wipes I usually go for (0,99€ at the same store). Of course I could not stress enough that every skin is different - and mine tends to be sooooo much different from other skins it annoys the heck out of me - so one only knows by trying out something. Still, it is not that effective when it comes to cleansing make up that is heavy duty. Think well before going for this one, especially when there are cheaper options around.


  1. Uso essa e gosto imenso! Tem uma boa relação qualidade-preço :)

  2. eu ando a experimentar e ate agr tb.. "meh."

  3. este nunca experimentei, mas anda a usar outro (o bBioderma, mas é caro que se farta e possivelmente não vou poder mantê-lo] e estou agradavelmente surpreendida. eu, que também sempre fui fã de toalhitas, acho que me rendi à água micelar, mas lavo o rosto na mesma depois!


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