Le temps des glaces

One of the things I like the most when the weather warms up is eating ice cream. There is something so comforting about a bowl of ice cream, that always makes me think of three of my favourite books by Stephen King: "Hearts in Atlantis", "The Body" and "IT". No wonder they all have as main characters kids reaching puberty, and they all are set during the Summer heat. If you have read these books, or at least watched the movies - "The Body" being the best adaption of Stephen King's work ever made, the film is called "Stand by me" and stars great names as Will Wheaton, Corey Feldman, the late and great River Phoenix (I'm not team Joaquin) and my personal fave, Kiefer Sutherland - I think you will understand why the act of gobbling down an ice cream brings to mind what I find to be perfect portraits of late childhood and lazy Summer afternoons...

I'm not all that fussy about my ice cream, I don't mind at all eating store bought ice creams, like this strawberry one, but I do enjoy making my own ice cream, and I have a few recipes, ranging from those made out of fruit and greek yogurt, to super caloric bombs that involve condensed milk and double cream. I reserve those for once in a year treats, as they do tend to pack up on the sugar dose. My fave homemade flavour is coffee, I quite enjoy the contrast between the sweetness of the condensed milk and that tart acidity in the coffee, I find that it is a refreshing but at the same time filling ice cream, but as I'm the only one to like that in my household, it is quite rare that I do get to make myself one of those bombs. I foresee one coming up soon, if only the weather was not said to bring on unexpected cold and rain...


  1. veham de lá essas receiotas bombásticas que não há maior fã de gelados do que eu! este já marchava e adoro as forma como estás a fazer as apresentações da comida!


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