Les essentiels

I'm rather particular to having the top of my make up station rather empty and clean - having a small child does that!! - and yet I still like to have some basic essentials handy for everyday use. Especially when the vials holding these basic essentiels are this pretty.

These two small flasks are supposed to hold spices for the kitchen, and yet I found that they would fit perfectly in my rooms country cottage theme, holding cotton swabs and cotton wool, that to me are essential on my make up routine!


  1. Que uso bonito a dar aos frascos que de tão lindos até da pena fechar num armário da cozinha. :)
    Gostei d ideia e até da outro prazer na hora de usar

  2. Uauuu adoro esse espelho! <3

  3. nem sempre o essencial é invisível aos olhos...aqui está um belo exemplo!


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