Vendredi, 9h30m

The weather has been giving us no respite, lately, what with this very cold and wet month of May we're having. My mind has been set on wearing light weight fabrics and clothes, my feet have been crying out for sandals, my skin has been begging for sunshine and warmer temperatures. An outfit like this is all I have been wanting to wear, but nature simply will not let me do it. MIght as well just dream about the moment I can get myself inside it!

It's no mystery that I love kimonos, I find them quite versatile, light wight enough for really hot days, but giving off enough coverage for when there's a milder breeze, not to mention their chic factor. Many people associate the use of kimonos with late sixties, early seventies fashion, boho chic, hippie chicks, San Fran and Woodstock, festival season and dancing out in the wide open air. I don't. To me the kimono is pure 1920's indulgence, it drives my mind into a frenzy of opium houses, very short bobs, satin pallazzo pants, ladies of easy virtue, sensuous women, elegancy and style, lavish parties fueled by the post war hysteria and permissiveness. With a powder blue simple cotton top underneath, I'm sure to get the scorching heat away from me.

A pair of wide pallazzo pants in a fresh and lightweight fabric has been a recent addition to my wardrobe, and a clever one. Despite the rule makers that be saying a woman who is short and stocky - just come right out and say fat, no one's gonna die! - should never be wearing this, I went for it. To my eyes and my aesthetic sense, I like seeing myself in them, and there's no denying the comfort of these. When Summer really hits us with its scorcher days, I know for a fact this will keep me refreshed and feeling elegant and well dressed. Despite the fact that every stylist and style advisor will cringe at the sight of me in a pair of these!!

Now, sparkly sandals. I mean, right? Who doesn't love them? I know I do. With just the right amount of wedged heel to make me feel slightly less short, they are so cool and stylish I am praying for the weather to quickly turn round and let me wear them. These are instant cool and style, no matter what else you're wearing. Jeans, shorts, dresses, lace skirts, they go with everything. Especially a kimono!


  1. gosto de tudo, em especial o kimono*

  2. adoro kimonos e comecei a usa-los por dois motivos, um deles é exatamente aquele vibe dos anos 20 :)

  3. claro, um kimono lindo, coo não poderia deixar de ser! gosto muito do conjunto!


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