Au bord du mer

We took off Friday morning, headed west, to my fave place in the whole world. It is not as quiet as it used to be, nor as empty, that bay snuggled between those hills overlooking a raging sea, but it is still where I'd rather be whenever I need a break. Long walks on the causeway and the boardwalk, or simply over the moist sand, feet touching the cold waters, inhaling that tang of iodine coming in the morning sea breeze. The late sunsets when one goes down to the wharf after a great dinner, to stretch the legs and enjoy the early evening, those sights, those colours, that light. There is no better place in the world, for me.

The flowers were so bright, the day we got there, due to the light. We left sunny Lisbon to reach our lovely west coast under heavy fog, a light as white as snow, and so brilliant it hurt the eyes. We stopped for lunch at my favourite restaurant - a typical one, regional food, of the homemade kind, no gourmet meals, nor gastropub delights, unpretentious and simplistic, but so much better than what I have tried in far more classier joints, and cheaper as well. - where they serve wild boar, which is one of my favourite meats. We had the boar and a roasted duck that was the best I have ever tasted, and are we experts at roasting duck, back home!! I was so full after the meal that I took the kid for a walk at the back of the restaurant, amidst the pine trees.

The place is lovely, can you imagine just pulling in air that is filled with the scent of pine needles and eucalyptus? So refreshing! There was a boat lost amidst the trees, and I took way too many photos of it, it was eerie and beautiful, poignant, at the same time. The kid played with pine needles and pine cones, creating his art installation, as he called it.

Saturday morning the fog still persisted and it was kind of cold, although I did go for a work out at the causeway, where they installed working out machinery. Afterwards we went to the market at the nearest town. Now, I do have two markets at walking distance of my home, but the foods sold there are just as bad as in the supermarket. Nothing ever seems this fresh, nor is this tasty, the flowers are not as colourful, nor the veggies that green. We did abuse of the old charcoal barbecue, grilling everything over embers, from cod to a gigantic chicken, and we ate loads of salads, though we do that back home as well, but they sure don't taste this good!!

Finally on Sunday the weather had turned, and the sun was shining in all its glory, and the morning was hot, so we took off to the beach at first light, and let me tell you, it felt like heaven! I was needing that bit of repose, of sitting on warm sand, and dipping my feet into cold water, playing around with my son and my husband at the water's edge. So there we spent our Sunday, morning at the beach, and back again after 4 p.m. for another round, only leaving by dusk. There was even time, and a warm night, for a walk at sunset down to the wharf, to watch the tide come in and the boats being broght home, and the sun setting as the fog started to roll in between the mountains. And there was time enough to enjoy the most amazing light in that kitchen, at every hour of the day, and also to reminisce on life, as my eyes fell down on the antique items that still survive, from back when my grandparents were alive... now I cannot wait for August to roll by, so I can go back to my paradise!


  1. adoro o cheiro a eucalipto... e já marchava javali com puré de maçã. este post abriu-me o apetite. adoro o cabelo do teu puto também.e aquelas cadeirinhas azuis awww queroooo! eu que moro aqui mesmo numa zona costeira, há anos que não vou à praia :x talvez vá este ano!

  2. bem, estas fotos estao brutais, fiquei com uma vontade de ai estar tb!! e a foto do teu miudo.. ooh <3
    e o teu kimono!!! i have a lot of feelingS!!!!

  3. Adoro as imagens das tuas férias...até parece que consigo cheirar o eucalipto, já tenho tantas saudades do dolce fare niente! o teu puto é mesmo um pintas! adorei o teu kimono e o pormenor dos aneis no dedo do pé!


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