I dunno about you guys, but I am desperately addicted to Instagram. I find my inspiration there, really, with all the gorgeous and delicious photographs from the feed of instagramers I follow, but also by checking out the likes they grant - and I have discovered some truly talented people this way!

I don't have that many followers, nor do I follow that many people, I am really very picky at that, but I can spend long minutes browsing through insta pics be it of food, or vignettes which is my main fave thing to view. I am also very fond of creating my own vignettes, be it with food, decorational elements, make up, jewelry... it's what this blog is about, in the end, good food and the pretty vignettes that fill my mind. This is not a blog about my mishapps, or sorrows, this is a feel good blog, at least it is a blog to make me feel good and share the things I like and my visions of beauty.

Well, and so is my Instagram account, it is mainly about the lovely and nutritious food we cook around the house, on a daily basis. Not all of it will make it to the blog, despite the fact that I do try to cook  the best and most beautiful meal every day! But some of the stuff we eat daily is quite simple food, though made with care, and even if I try to style it in a way that will get you salivating, yes, most of it will be for my Instagram account only. So if you want a sneak peek at my more intimate meals, head on over to Instagram, you can find and follow me by the name @kitchenwitchmiranda. You'll be very welcome!


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