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I have stated before that I have this thing for using anti cellulite creams. I don't do the moisturising creams - no patience whatsoever for that - but put me in the presence of an anti cellulite cream, and I'm hooked. I will use it, I will spread every inch of my body with it, twice a day if the package says so. Hey, to each his own! So when I read on Kiko's website about this new antil cellulite cream that adds the technology behind aromatherapy - claiming that the fragrance of the cream is specifically added to help combat that awful thing most women suffer with, cellulite - I was immediately convinced I had to try it, and so I did. A loss of money. Sold at 12,90€, it is not expensive, I grant you that, but I have had better and quicker results with creams that were less expensive (like this one). The description on the website says that this is a rapidly absorbed cream. I am sorry to say that either their skin has hugely open pores, or else my own skin has some sort of layer on top that prevents absorption, because, lemme tell ya this, it took forever to get the cream to finally be absorbed, so I could put my clothes on. Cue in scenes of a stressed mother trying to hurry up a lazy child, forcing him to get dressed, while she's on her bra and knickers. My friends, it does not bode well. Let alone the credibility I obviously lacked in forcing him to get dressed as I went around nearly butt naked... so on this claim, sadly Kiko is incorrect, and I do detest creams that aren't quickly absorbed. The cream is thick and heavy, another thing I cannot stand - I am more of a gel texture person - but it does smell nice. Only I saw no results whatsoever on my skin, except for a certain type of result that I don't really know how to explain, but I'll try,as I have come across many an anti cellulite cream that works like this. It is like the skin gets bloated, you know? I actually would feel bloated, but not from the inside - like when you eat too much, or have flatulence, nope, not like that - I felt bloated on my skin's upper coat. This usually lasted all morning, and by mid afternoon I was "back to normal". I have had this same feeling with anti cellulite creams from Dove, Nivea and Garnier, that is why I gave up on those brands, and it looks like now I am giving up on Kiko as well. It did nothing to me, it did not improve one sinlge cream, and next time I shall be taking my money elsewhere. All in all, it's like Kiko's nail polishes: a no go.


  1. não conheço este creme, mas sim amarca e também tem dias !;)


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