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When I got these two mascaras for the price of one a while back, I was surely not expecting any miracles. Being from a low cost brand, and having tried low cost mascaras before - only from another brand - I knew I was not to face them the same way I have faced high end mascaras, where I do expect a proper delivery of the promised goods. 

The first one I put to use was the simple Black - the other one is a Very Black, it seems - and as I said, I did not expect excellency, I would settle myself from not getting a rash (as I am known for having had a huge allergy to a Lancôme mascara favoured by my mother that left her blond eyelashes looking 10ft long and wide) and having made a good enough deal with this two for one thing. Well, I did not get a rash, praise the northern gods. But as for the rest, boy oh boy. Ok, so I do end up with big fat lashes on my eyes, yep. But does it clump - and it says clump free on the package, you dirty little liars!!!! I mean. just dabbing the mascara on is like going through a wedding chapter in Game of Thrones - you never know who's gonna get smudged! and in the end, they all do. It's like you have to put your make up on and then clean your face, because the smudges are way too much. It's hard work, it's messy work, it's a bore. I have a Kiko mascara that does not leave my eyelashes looking this voluminous nor this long, but at least my eyeshadow is not full of clumps of black goo when I wear it. Not so with this one. Although I do love the end effect of getting doe eyed and all sexy lashed, once these two are through, they really are through, as I am  not buying them again. On a positive note, that seems to be a long time away in the future, as contrary to most mascaras, these do pack up a lot of product in the tube, so I am in for a long run before I even need to buy new mascara. Oh well, there's got to be a silver lining somewhere, right?


  1. ainda hoje fui à Wells e estive mesmo para experimentar estas duas, mas não tinham os testers! que coincidência! ainda bem que vim ler a tua review!!! fantástica, como sempre!


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