Le pain, le jambon

A little snack for a friday evening... today is my son's school fête, the party that marks the end of they year at his kindergarten. There's usually a play, where the children get to act and drive mothers like me to tears of emotion, and there's singing and dancing. Every year, for the last three years I have been bawling my eyes out at the sight of my son on stage, being so cute and perfect. Last year he played a giant, to perfection, getting his voice just right to make it sound scary, and I cried and cried! This year promises to be even worse, as he is graduating - how silly is that? - from kindergarten, so there will be a special ceremony for all the seniors... oh well, I shall endure all the emotion and the tears and the ruined make up... but I will deserve a treat after all this, and so will the little man.

I love me a good cured portuguese ham, cannot and will not deny it. It is the simple and comforting, and reminiscent of summer afternoons, at least to me. I like eating it with good ole' rustic breads, and this time I decided to pair it off with an irish soda bread. I was a little reticent at first, what with this type of ham being just so portuguese, and this type of bread being just so... well, so irish! that I was certain they wouldn't be the easiest pair. But soda bread is the easiest bread to make at home, and as I must have stated plenty of times before, it is one of my all time favourites, so the soda bread it was. To my surprise, the two of them made the most perfect pairing ever. The tangyness of the soda bread brought out the sweetness and the buttery saltiness of the ham, and I just could not stop eating little pieces of the two together. As a refreshment we served jars of red wine sangria, full of sweet fruits, right outof the fridge so it felt icy cold, as the day had been so hot. The perfect trio on a table!


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  2. Que bom aspecto! Parabéns ao teu filho por esta etapa ultrapassada :)

  3. my god, babe! é quase mei noite, já jantei e bem e olha que marchva na masma! looksdivine! e parabéns pelo teu reguila que é mesmo çastiço! espero que a festa tenha sido o máximo!


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