Un grand p'tit déj!

You know those days when you wake up early in the morning, with all the time of the world still ahead of you, and you feel ravenous, as if you could chew down the whole world? Your body feels rested and begs for new energy, it asks for fresh fruit, for a bowl of cereals, cold milk on top, a croissant dripping berry jam, a muffin to add some sweetness to it all...

Those mornings are pretty rare, but when they do come around, and the house is silent aside from the sound of the dreamy light snores coming from my son and my husband, I really love to spread out a table just for me, and enjoy such silence and solitude, as the first rays of sunshine find their way to my kitchen window and fill the room with a soft, buttery light...


  1. também ando nestas de pequeno almoços fartos e deliciosos- o teu está mesmo apetecível! lindas cores!


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