Vendredi, 12h30m

I must be honest, I am not wearing this today. I wore it this week, though, I think it was  last monday. It's the kind of combo I'm never sure of, if you know what I mean. See, I'm all for me sneakers and me boyfriend jeans going hand in hand together. But a simple tee on top of it? Not white? I dunno. It is really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, going for this. I would normally pair it with some sort of black slacks or cropped pants, never with the jeans. But hey, I'm all for experimenting and stuff... 

This tee has quite a few years on it, I remember I bought it the same day I bought a cropped cardi in the same colour. Said cardi has long gone on its way - though I dunno why I would ever give it away, I remember I used to live in it!! - but the tee has somehow survived. And seeing that Pantone has declared that this hue of violet (radiant orchid, innit?) is all the fuss this year, I'm bringing it on, though who cares for Pantone's colour of the year? Not the high street fashion stores, that's for sure...

This kimono is also quite old, I think even older than the tee. It is one of my ever favourite garments, though I do not wear it enough, as it is slightly small on me now. But I still love its green hue and the intricate embroidery work, with all the sequins and the silky thread. So I sometimes bring it out to play, only to end up feeling awkward inside it as it does not fit me as it used to.

These boyfriend jeans from Zara are my usual go to, whenever I'm not sure what to wear. As I said, I would never have paired a coloured tee as simple as that one with a pair of jeans, I'd go for my safe place of wearing black slacks, but I took a plunge into the - to me - unknown, and was not all that sorry for it. Though I still find it looks strange on me.

These sneakers still live on my feet, as the weather has not been warm enough for me to wear sandals. And let's admit it, they're pretty cool and pretty comfy, they go with everything, they're perfect for longer walks and they make my feet happy. So there. Sorry, rest of my shoe collection, I am still having an affair with these babes.

All in all it's one of the simplest yet most courageous outfits I have ever worn, and most people will be just flabbergasted at that statement - especially people who have seen me go out wearing a corset as if it was a top... but that was not courageous at all, for me. Simple is.


  1. casual e confortável^^ os sneakers são fixes pá

  2. essa peça akimonada por cima faz o outfit passar de totalmente casual, para um outfit com a special piece. Pq não te imagino sem essa peça por cima. WAY toooo casual 4 u *

    1. ahahahahah o meu problema mental nem é com o casual do traje, é mesmo com a camisola lilás junto dos jeans, ai qu'órror que crime de lesa majestade na minha mentalidade no metal.

  3. é mesmo a tua cara,com um toque oriental muito característico...casual, clean, chic, very you!


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