Vendredi, 7h30m

On a day that rises with the promise of sunshine and heat, my whole body craves for a break, spent with toes touching the yellowy sands, body immersed in the deep blue. I long for a break by the seaside, and so I replicate the feeling with my clothes. Blues and gold to make me think of deserted beaches of golden sand and azure waters...

This powder blue marcel is so good at keeping me feeling cool and fresh, and the colour is just to die for. A new necklace I recently won pairs up perfectly, adding a bit of a wow factor to the ensemble. My new won kimono is also a perfect match at bringing everything together, its flower print is delicate and feminine, its lightweight fabric perfect for keeping the heat away.

How perfect is that necklace?? And all these blues together, doesn't it remind you of the sea?

I continuously resort to these pants, I love their colour and their ease, they are quite comfy and seem to go with most things, it's one of those staples go to pieces that I pull out of the closet everytime I am in doubt of what to wear, because I know I can always pair them off with whatever I have. Not so this time, the moment I envisioned this whole look, I knew I wanted to wear these pants instead of say, jeans, or black pallazzos or even white slacks. I really wanted to mix up a whole array of blues that somehow gave me a feel of water. The gold sandals were obviously the only ones I could go to, as they remind me of the sand on the beach shinning under the golden sunlight of early morning - my fave time to take seaside walks... and I'm pretty sure I will soon be doing just that!!

So, as you read this I shall be well on my way to my beach paradise, wearing this for the road, getting my mind set for an afternoon dip into the clear blue ocean. See ya soon!!


  1. antes de mais espero que tenhas aproveitado bastante na praia, babe! o coordenado é lindo, adoro azul com dourado e o padrão floral do casaco fuido é fantástico! arrasáste!


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