Vendredi, 9h du matin

Somedays you're just too pressed for time to ponder to much on what to wear. Those days, inadvertently, you end up going for something that seems oh so simple and plain, and in the end, when you take a good look at it, turns out it was a cool look, all along.

It all started with me wanting to wear my pannel skirt. Don't you have this kind of days, where you must because you must wear a certain something, no matter what? It was the skirt, I had to wear it. Although it is a somewhat unexpected piece for Summer, because of the leather pannel, it still turns out to be a quite simple, plain and very minimalistic garment.

 So I decided to embrace the whole trend and go for a simple and minimal look all along. A plain white tee was the only way to go, really, with my favourite scarf to complement it.

On my feet, my everyday slippers, that I love pairing off with anything at all, as they are sturdy enough and cool enough to come along with me on my daily walks. A leather handbag that is quite old was the best companion for the whole outfit I could find, making me feel slightly bohemian in the midst of such minimalistic staples. Bohemian and minimalistic are trends that aren't usual in my current looks, but hey, I'm one to try them all at least once. And I ended up really liking the result.


  1. cute!!

    muchos besos y abrazos
    ~ TheGrisGirl ~

  2. Por vezes as escolhas mais simples revelam-se as melhoras! Less really is more :) e essas sandálias, que cada vez mais me agradam. No início nem achava grande piada, but they've grown on me e agora percebo o encanto!

  3. adoro a simplicidade e elegância do teu coordenado - acho dificílimo atingir estas duas características conjuntamente com tanto savoir faire, mas voilá, you did it girl!


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