Lately I've been using this...

This is a soap that belongs to a range of skincare from one of Portugal's oldest soap makers, Ach. Brito. I had been wanting to give this brand a go for quite a while, but since I still had some O Boticário soaps that were in use, I had to finish them off before I bought any more. But once they were over - and not having liked them that much - I jumped at the chance of bringing some of this range home with me. This is the first one I am reviewing, still two more to come, so stay tuned.

This is the propolis soap, as you can see. It has a light pinkish colour and smells of very pale and light honey. Its texture is soft and creamy and easy to use, without leaving too much residue on the bathtub, something I loathe. The propolis soap is meant for skins that are prone to allergies and getting pimples and rashes, mine is. I love the aroma, really, I love the consistency of it and the creaminess as you use it, I love that it does make some bubbles but not too much of it, and I love the feel it gives to my skin, supple and smooth, fully hydrated and begging to be caressed. But I have not noticed that it prevents my getting pimples, really. Nope. They're still quite forthcoming and happy to be here. Nonetheless, given that it's quite affordable at most supermaket stores, and has a lasting quality to it - you do not need to lather on too much of it to feel squeeky clean - I will give it a thumbs up, it's worth checking out.


  1. Adoro as embalagens desses sabonetes. São tão lindinhas :)

    1. e não há um que não cehire divinalmente bem!!

  2. frequntam a minha casa e a dos meus pais há anos. são fabulosos! e cheiram divinalmente...


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