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Still carrying out the testing of these lovely Ach. Brito's soaps, this week I bring you a true staple: the Pedra Pomes exfoliating soap. This one is the exfoliating soap, I mean, I have never tried anything like this, and I do have a loooong history with exfoliating products. But this is the one to beat them all. 

For starters, Pedra Pomes means pumice, so if you ever tried a pumice, say, on the balls of you feet, on your heel, you name it, you'll know what I am talking about. It's harsh. And I do mean harsh, in a sense that if you do not douse it in water prior to using it, it'll scratch. So, depending on the level of exfoliation you want to achieve, bare in mind you might want to get this soap wet before you take it to your skin. WHat I do is, on the parts of my body where the skin is more sensitive, I wet it and then rub the soap, but, for instance, on my elbows, on my knees, lower legs and feet, I use it raw. If you happen to have ingrowing hair from your epilation, this soap is your saviour, trust me. But for all it's harshness and it's pumice like agressiveness, it has a soothing, moisturizing capacity to it, leaving your skin silky and smooth, and ready for any body lotion or cream you might want to use after the shower. I highly recommend it, for it does the trick, it does what it promises, it exfoliates the skin. A sure buy, and one to repeat once this one is finished, which seems to be it's only major flaw: on the durability issue, it does not reach the levels its brothers do, tends to finish well before the others. But seeing this is something you will use only once, twice a week, it is not a biggie, at least in my eyes. I do approve and recommend this soap!


  1. vou experimentar isto! gostei da review sim senhora

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  3. eu também tenho essa pequena maravilha, foi cá um achado! faz maravilhas!

  4. Como me falhou esta preciosidade? Eu que só uso sabonetes e nada de gel de banho ha muito que só uso ach brito. Vou ter que ir buscar esse.
    E todos os dias passo pela loja de fábrica...e ainda não consegui-la ir espreitar :)

  5. vou ter de experimentar este, pois então, com uma review assim...



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