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My round through the anti celulite products available on the market is still ongoing (you can check the first installment here and here). No need for me to say how much I love using these creams, even though I detest lathering myself in body lotion, for instance. This time my choice has fallen on another My Label product, a serum. I am a fan of this brand, when it comes to certain products, I confess, and have no qualms about stocking up on these, as their night cream with Q10, which is my fave, I'm off to my third pot and have no idea whatsoever of trading it for another one. As for this serum, well. It is not as good as the gel, I used previously, only because it does not have that warming effect, but it is a pretty good one when it comes to results. I spend a lot of time sitting, as I am currently trying to write a novel, and what with the blog and all, ya know, so I tend to accumulate liquid at the thighs and bum are, although I do drink over 2l water a day. But all this sitting at the desk - despite breaking it up for an hour of exercise everyday - does take its toll on someone who is over forty and whose skin does not bounce back as easily as it used to. This serum really helped with it, as it left my skin looking and feeling a lot smoother than it was. Being a serum it means it is quickly absorbed and does not leave that feeling of greasiness most body creams and lotions tend to leave. Also the smell of it is quite soft, and it gives off a feeling of freshness to the skin, overall. I really would reccomend this if you're not looking for something quite aggressive, if all you need is some aide in getting rid of bumps and marks from mild celulite, this is the one to go to, especially if you're on a very tight budget, as it stands just over 8€ at the supermarket. Good value for money on my book, and that is always a plus!!


  1. se ao menos eu bebesse água como tu!!! vou ter de dar uma experimentadela neste que estou uma lástima!!!!!!


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