Les bleus et les roses

This spoon I recently painted was the motto for my creative juices to fire up and send me on a photoshoot craze with kitchen utilities and said spoon. The first one was this pairing of blues and pinks, old and new, rustic and classic.

That little turquoise mug is a not so recent acquisition, but looks rather antique, with it's tiny foot and the curved handle. It also looks so classic and elegant, making a contrast with the more strudy, more rustic vintage plates that were my grandparents'. But despite the contrast, their colours go together quite well, turning this vignette into something delicate, and feminine.

The wooden spoon is something I had been wanting to do for some time now, and I already have three more at the finishing touches phase. I went for a pale pink and a fuchsia combination, because it made me think of ice cream, and it looked sweet and fresh. Turned out really good, and now all I want to do is go out, buy some more spoons and paint tons of them, in an array of colours!!


  1. Adoro o DIY que fizeste com a colher de pau, se fizeres o mesmo com mais umas dá para fazer uma decoração muito gira na cozinha. E essa caneca Vintage é um amor <3

    1. A caneca calha ser a única coisa que não é vintage na foro loool, é bem recente, mas com um design mais antiquado.

  2. Essa caneca é gira que doi! =P
    Podias começar a vender as colheres na Etsy ou assim...

  3. está lindo! adorei o DIY da colher de pau e as fotos! boa semana, babe!!!


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