Couleurs joyeux

You know when you enter a store looking for something quite specific, and your browse all around without finding what you wanted, but then all of a sudden something catches your eye and you feel drawn to it and just have to go and check the price, and take it home with you? The other day I went through that. I was looking for something quite specific indeed - some acrylic boxes in which to keep my make up - when I came across a set of tiny bamboo spoons. I grabbed them immediately, as my mind whirled with ideas of how that was what I had really been looking for and not known, and headed straight to the check out, said boxes sadly forgotten.

You see, I had already fallen prey to my creative juices when it came to painted spoons, grabbing hold of an old bamboo one that had come with a cooking book, and was rather too small to use for cooking. That was the pink one, you know. I looked at it and all of a sudden decided I wanted to paint it, and even though I hesitated between greens and pinks, the later one was the winner. So when I drove home from the store, with my bamboo spoons tucked into my handbag, I already knew what I wanted to do with them, and I could see it in my mind as clear as I saw the road ahead! I wanted to go for blues, I wanted to go for reds, I wanted greens and caramels as well. And I craved for dots and stripes and that beach-y, cottage-y feel to all of them. The striped one has two hues of blue, quite similar, cut with some white just for freshness. Then there's a deep blue one, with the red polka dots that I find just whimsy, it makes me think of winter snacks, warm pudding, hot cocoa. Finally, the green one with those caramel dots just seems to be perfect for a tiny gnome home cut into a tree, it reminds me of deep wooded forests inhabited by the tiniest of magical creatures, who live in tree trunks or big mushrooms, who are one with nature. More than that, if you're familiar with the Redwall Chronicles, it takes me there, and looks as if it would fit perfectly at a banquet table inside the Abbey, maybe stirring some of that delicious elderberry cordial, or spooning out big chunks of hazelnut trifle!!


  1. gosto tanto do teu DIY!! estão mesmo giras!

    bom fim de semana, linda!

  2. Engraçadas essas colheres :)
    Mas só uma dúvida, depois podemos usa-las normalmente? Ou só dá para efeitos decorativos?
    Autora do blog

    1. Estas em particular são mesmo só para efeitos decorativos, não dão para usar, mas estou a planear umas que darão para usar.

  3. Devem ficar mega giras todas juntas. Qd fizeres outra vez, mas q consigas usar mm, partilha!!!


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